Say their names: George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Dominique Clayton. Eric Reason. Tamir Rice. Philando Castile. Eric Garner. Ahmaud Arbery. The list goes on.

Systemic racism is a real thing. Police brutality is a real thing. We know that people of color in the United States are acutely and disproportionately affected by a broken criminal justice system that was not built to treat them equally.

We at 1xRUN do not tolerate it. Black lives matter.

Today we say their names and honor their memory by taking action within our community. The betterment of our society starts with us.

We stand with the protestors. We stand with the black community. We stand with the community leaders who are laying out criminal justice reform. We stand with the friends and families who have lost a loved one at the hands of police. We stand in the pursuit of racial justice and accountability in law enforcement.

1xRUN will be making a donation of $1,000.00 to each of the five organizations below. In support and in solidarity, we ask that you join us in directing resources to one of the following organizations and petitions dedicated to justice, healing, and civil rights advocacy.

Let's work together and support each other peacefully. Stay safe.