David & Goliath

on 300gsm Fine Art Paper

We are excited to welcome back 1xRUN regularBASK as he joins us for his first Birthday RUN! Since our inception BASK has been a fixture here at 1xRUN and never one to remain still Bask has brought us a piece that was finished just last weekend. This time around the Florida-native has turned his focus to the classic tale of David & Goliath tale as he celebrates another year.

"This piece is in the same tone of the work I've been making this year. I have been inspired by man's potential to overcome hardships. Weather it is facing your personal demons to drawing inspiration from Friedrich Nietzsche's theories about the √úbermensch.This latest piece titled, David and Goliath, draws from a similar well. The story of David & Goliath focuses on the underdog that overcame what others thought to be an impossible battle to win. The idea of revolting against the status quo.

The original piece is all hand painted using discarded paint, found objects and cheap brushes. I find that working with imperfect mediums gives my work a ratty, unpolished look I strive for. I wanted this painting to look as though it was cut out of a larger piece on a random back ally wall. The work pushes past the edges to highlight that the full story is beyond just the images within the painting." - Bask

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