Face Your Demons

Archival Pigment Print on 300gsm Fine Art Paper


"I started painting this piece without any idea on my mind and this just came out. I guess I needed to see it manifest itself. Most of my art deals with a confrontation of some sort. This piece is pretty direct with my target. I go through ups and downs and battle my own vices and bad habits, poor time management, and worse financial management. So this concept is on my mind almost daily. I'm always battling with this side of me that is determined to be habitually irresponsible. The title of this piece is Face Your Demons, and it is pretty straight forward with it's meaning. We all have vices, excuses, bad habits or things that in some way hold us back. This piece deals with standing tall and facing them head-on." - BASK

"Bask quickly began to notice similarities between the communistic iconic propaganda from his youth and the consumer advertising of his teens. He soon discovered that they were simply, two sides of the same coin. Each vying for our short-lived attention spans, all the while selling us (or telling us?) anything and everything from Marxism to McDonalds. Seeking conspiracies -and finding them embedded in the popular iconography of the mass media, Bask began painting bold, media critical broadsides to assuage his fear of being manipulated. A fear cultivated in a repressive regime, had now returned, but to the most unlikely and safest of places- The American living room.

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Face Your Demons - Standard Edition
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