Yo Yo

on Hand Cut Organic Roofing Asphalt Felt + Cradled Wood Box

We are excited to welcome back New York City's infamous Skewville as they return with another incredibly unique screen print with a tar paper "Yo Yo" homage to a recent mural painted in Bushwick. This time around Skewville have also brought us a unique limited edition of cradled wood frame 3D Boomboxes each lovingly assembled by Skewville in their New York City studio.

" A while ago we got an opportunity to paint a building that looked like a giant radio. So we painted a giant radio on it. Since then I wanted to pay a long over-due homage to this building in Bushwick, Brooklyn that no longer exists. The original mural was just flat black with metallic silver spray paint, so when I decided to finally make a print I felt like it had to have that same feel. So the only way I know how to get that really thick metallic look is to silkscreen print it with good ol' plastisol on tar paper." - Ad Deville of Skewville

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