Crooked Mouse

Acrylic, Aerosol & Hand-pulled Screen Print on 140gsm Handmade Paper

"This series incorporates my history with Crooked Mane while also interweaving my personal interpretation of popular iconic images – more specifically, Crooked Mouse. I chose Crooked Mouse to be the focal point of my series as an effort to have the viewer develop an inner connection with a piece of contemporary art, that may not be seen as having depth when first taking it in. These characters I have re imagined are visuals that most people of Western culture can relate to, and will most likely have childhood associations with. As we all see these characters as figures in our own personal lives, I have decided to depict them as such; and to no longer see each character as the rest of the world sees them. Crooked Mouse interweaves my personal identity as a Leo with this world famous children’s character that is highly recognizable.

My process for creating this hand-painted multiple medium is quite unconventional and unique to my own developed style. I begin with using triple gesso prime on one of a kind hand-made paper. Then I apply the signature Crooked Mane stencil to create a vibrant background. Once the stencil is used, I utilize a technique that I created called Realfake, which is similar to Japanese Water Marbling, but with my own personal spin. Once the base is ready, I begin my work on the focal point: Crooked Mouse. I delicately hand-pull a screen print of my newly re imagined character, thus unifying the piece with both Leo and western culturalural aspects. To finalize each piece, I sign and date on the piece’s posterior, specifically on the verso. The Crooked Mouse has become a signature piece of mine, and each freshly unique body of work I create inhabits my sense of vibrant familial connections with my intrigue for imagination." - Cantstopgoodboy

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