Lenox Cotton

by Legion Paper

Run of 100
This run is not on sale. Check the product page for more info.
Legion Paper
5x7 Lenox Cotton Paper Pad
Run of 100
This run is not on sale. Check the product page for more info.
Legion Paper
9x12 Lenox Cotton Paper Pad
Run of 100
This run is not on sale. Check the product page for more info.
Legion Paper
11x14 Lenox Cotton Paper Pad
The Artist Pad Collection
Stonehenge White
This studio workhorse provides a supple surface that's agreeable to myriad creative disciplines. Originally created for printmakers, this cotton paper soon spread across all drawing techniques, especially colored pencil. This is Stonehenge White.
Stonehenge Warm White
This paper has refined strong and versatile quality. With characteristics of warm tones and a smooth supple surface, it has traditional feel with the ability to apply multiple layers of color. This is Stonehenge Warm White.
Stonehenge Colors
With five neutral colors to choose from, Natural, Fawn, Cream, Pearl Grey and Warm White, each sheet offers a new starting point for your work, while the surface is perfect for all drawing techniques. This is Stonehenge Colors.
Stonehenge Kraft
Inspired by the industrial look of paper grocery bags. Each earth-toned leaf provides a surface perfect for printmaking, drawing or experimentation. All-cotton and emanating Stonehenge archival virtues. This is Stonehenge Kraft.
Stonehenge Aqua Coldpress
Hand-crafted with the watercolorist in mind, this rugged and textured substrate is our latest creation in artisan paper. Each coldpressed sheet naturally receives applied moisture, making it ideal for blending and lifting color. This is Stonehenge Aqua Coldpress.
Stonehenge Aqua Hotpress
Smooth and silky. Water permeates this paper slowly, allowing time for fine details and subtle color gradations. Pigments tint bright and radiant. An innovative, custom-made paper to fulfill the needs of watercolor artists. This is Stonehenge Aqua Hotpress.
Stonehenge Light
The airy cousin to our classic white sheet. With a silky surface, it is perfect for the artist who prefers a more delicate sheet that can work with all fine drawing techniques. This is Stonehenge Light.
Lenox Cotton
Designed to withstand both delicate and bold impressions, this sturdy substrate was our first 100% cotton paper to be produced by an American mill. With a soft textured finish, it's the ideal surface for graphite, pastel, colored pencil and charcoal. This is Lenox.
Yupo Translucent
With a translucent finish, these slick sheets are an excellent beginning point for a variety of mediums. Remaining true to all Yupo revolutionary qualities, this substrate allows artists to rethink coloring from a fresh perspective. This is Yupo Translucent.
Yupo Medium
A true innovation in fine art substrates. This synthetic, tree-free paper is everlasting and non-absorbent. It resists buckling with wet media and can be wiped clean. Pigments will retain true clarity and brightness. A new way for techniques to flourish. This is Yupo Medium.
Yupo Heavy
A radically novel breed of paper. Tree-free, bright white and stainproof, it allows artists to create shapes, patterns and nuances that are impossible to achieve on conventional papers. Non-absorbent and slick, a revelation for artisans. This is Yupo Heavy.
The Complete Set
This Pad Set Includes
(1) 9x12 Inch Stonehenge White Paper Pad
(1) 9x12 Inch Stonehenge Warm White Paper Pad
(1) 9x12 Inch Stonehenge Colors Paper Pad
(1) 9x12 Inch Stonehenge Kraft Paper Pad
(1) 9x12 Inch Stonehenge Aqua Coldpress Paper Pad
(1) 9x12 Inch Stonehenge Aqua Hotpress Paper Pad
(1) 9x12 Inch Stonehenge Light Paper Pad
(1) 9x12 Inch Lenox Cotton Paper Pad
(1) 9x12 Inch Yupo Translucent Paper Pad
(1) 9x12 Inch Yupo Medium Paper Pad
(1) 9x12 Inch Yupo Heavy Paper Pad
At Legion, our art is paper. And now we are proud to announce our new redesign, a bold disruptive look that takes three of our papers, new and old, and connects them so you know that you are getting the quality, consistency and substance you demand for your art.

It was time to break tradition. To create something the market had never touched upon. The design-savvy covers strip away the clutter of conventional pad covers, using a varnish text against a solid background color to capture the attention of the artist without being intrusive. Designed for the artist’s eye, the clean, bold type tells you the paper, a beautiful gloss overlay paints an ephemeral verbal picture of exactly what that paper can do.
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