1xRUN Collections - Remix by Tavar Zawacki aka Above
 By Above
The exhibition introduces a brand new body of work highlighting Above’s iconic arrow that has appeared prominently in a massive public art campaign spanning 15+ years, 100+ cities and 60+ different countries across the globe. Above has meticulously dissected and reassembled his latest collection of arrows and targets by creating multiple color palettes and weaving them together to create new seamless works.

“The idea for this newest body of work of Remix has been something I’ve been developing during the past three years, and more specifically been refining during the past year. I’ve always been attracted towards color swapping, symmetry, curved lines. These past 12 months my street works (and indoor brainstorming) has all been about dissecting my arrow icon and remixing it into new abstract shapes, mixing of colors, and usage of curves as much as possible into each piece. These past 6-months I really dove into exploring all of these elements and this body of work is the outcome of those long days and longer nights doing research and trying out new techniques.” - Above
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