Lovers - Hand-Embellished Edition

RUN #:01355b
Type:10-Color Stencil With Hand-Embellishments + Screen Print On 290gsm Coventry Fine Art Paper
Size:18 x 24 Inches
Release:December 10, 2015
Scope Miami Beach 2015 Print Suite
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The framing option for this RUN includes a 1 inch black wood frame with UV-glass, foam core backing and ready to hang hardware.

"This is one of the images that I cut out around 2007 and since then it has become one of my signature images. I have been taking this stencil with me to travel and paint in different cities for nearly 10 years. I wanted to make a new print using my classic image for this special project with 1xRUN and Juxtapoz, and this image is something that will welcome both old and new audiences.

I love to create images related to romantic momentos, lovers and kisses. My subjects are pretty much always about romantic stories, lovers and sexy girls in everyday life. My name, Aiko — which is the most common Japanese girl’s name — means love. Love has been my theme throughout my entire life, even from early childhood. I have loved creating art ever since I was little girl. I was always making art for myself, my mom, my family and my classmates. Just for fun. I enjoy making something that gives us a good feeling, and creating something beautiful that I can share with everyone. Something that is full of love." - Aiko

Detroit based publisher 1xRUN has teamed up with the trendsetting Scope Art Fair and tastemaker Juxtapoz Magazine to curate six limited edition releases to coincide with Scope’s 2015 Miami Beach Art Fair, December 1st - 6th. This exclusive print suite will feature new limited editions from Aiko, Brett Amory, Brandon Boyd, Doze Green, Russ Pope and Brian Viveros with each print releasing live at the 1xRUN / Juxtapoz Art Bar.

Beginning Thursday December 3rd the 1xRUN / Juxtapoz Art Bar will host two limited edition live print releases each day at 3:00pm and 6:00pm. Patrons of the fair will have the first chance to purchase these limited edition prints along with a chance to meet each of the artists at Booth G19.

With collectors and fans of all types descending on the Scope Art Fair from around the globe, the three organizations saw a need to bridge the gap between established collectors and the burgeoning fan bases just beginning their collection after being exposed to these artists in Juxtapoz or through social media. Juxtapoz Magazine’s Editor-In-Chief Evan Pricco was tasked to curate a group of artists that represented the vast landscape of the new contemporary movement. 1xRUN worked with each of the artist to publish a limited edition that would be coveted by collectors and Scope will play host to this unique collaboration.

“It’s exciting to see many of these artists selling out editions online within minutes and we wanted to bring that energy to a live environment. This print suite features artists that have built both a traditional fine art career and a robust print market. With this suite wanted to involve both fans to collectors, creating the excitement of a live print release inside the art fair,” 1xRUN Co-Founder Jesse Cory said.

Scope Art Fair is located at 801 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach. For additional information head and follow @1xrun, @juxtapozmag and @scopeart for up to the minute updates.

The 1xRUN / Juxtapoz / Scope Art Bar Print Release Schedule:
Thursday December 3rd:
3:00pm - Russ Pope / 6:00pm - Brian Viveros
Friday December 4th: 3:00pm - Brett Amory / 6:00pm - Aiko
Saturday December 5th: 3:00pm - Brandon Boyd / 6:00 Doze Green
AIKO is one of the most influential contemporary street artists over the last 20 years. Her iconic and famous pieces can be found in cities around the globe. AIKO’s style, which blends Japanese and West qualities with a feminine approach is beloved and respected worldwide. AIKO was born and raised in Tokyo before moving to New York City. She collaborated with Banksy on “Exit Through the Gift Shop” in 2010. In 2012, she was, as the first woman, to create a mural on the legendary Bowery Wall curated by Jefferey Deitch, where Kieth Haring was the first artist to paint on in 1982. Louis Vuitton assigned her to be the third Japanese collaborator after Takashi Murakami and Yayoi Kusama in 2013.

Her art career in New York began when she started working for Takashi Murakami. She apprenticed in Murakami’s studio in Brooklyn and worked for him until the late 90′s going on to a direct a digital biography on the artist “Superflat” in 1998. AIKO continued to practice her own art and after leaving Murakami’s studio graduated from The New School where she finished her MFA Media Studies and later met up with two American artists, the three of them would come to establish the group now known as FAILE. Creating work within the collective locally and abroad for a number of years, she moved on and established herself as Lady AIKO in 2006. AIKO held solo exhibitions "Lady Go" at Shizuoka City Tokaido Hiroshige Museum in 2018, she has been part of numerous shows such as "The Beyond The Street" curated by Roger Gastman, Los Angeles in 2018 and New York in 2019, “Edo Pop” at The Japan Society, New York in 2013, “Animamix Biennale” at Shanghai’s MoCA in 2009.

Not only former first lady Michelle Obama, she has been commissioned to create works by many brands including Fendi, Estée Lauder, Warner Brothers, Reebok, Apple, Microsoft, Pepsi and venues such as W Hotels and The Standard.
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Lovers - Standard Edition - Framed
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