Lost Angeles

RUN #:01720a
Type:4-Color Serigraph on 320gsm Deckled Coventry Rag Fine Art Paper
Size:27.5 x 34.75 Inches
Release:January 26, 2020
Auth:This RUN is signed and numbered by Aise and comes with a Letter of Provenance from 1xRUN.
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Modern Multiples Collection
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Due to sizing, this RUN does not come with a framing option.

Modern Multiples is a fine art printmaking studio specializing in serigraphs and digital giclees. We collaborate with a wide array of contemporary artists and designers to create unique and highly collectible works of art. Our master printers employ their highly skilled and technical knowledge towards educating and enabling artists to immerse themselves into the printmaking process. We offer artists an opportunity to work one-on-one with our master printers and digital experts to create unique, signed and numbered, archival, limited editions. At Modern Multiples, we are dedicated to the realization of the collective vision between the artist, publisher and printer. Each production is unique in its progression through the different levels of involvement and participation of the artist and publisher. We accommodate all levels of desired involvement by the artists – from color separations, stencil-making and color mixing to actual production and curation.

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Anyone who would like to know who this plastic artist is, will have to browse through her early years in Mendoza (Argentina), her home city. Even as a child, Florencia Aise, already showed attraction for painting instead of playing with dolls and toys. At first she grabbed brushes and crayons, and would start creating a doodle on fabrics or paper, then a stroke and finally, a drawing. With the support of her family and an environment inclined to art, her curiosity was transformed into an intense vocation, in which the Great Masters of Art, as Goya and Diego Rivera, became her first referents.

Afterwards, came the time when she started to visit several ateliers, where she listened to the pieces of advice generous colleagues had to offer. They taught her about different techniques and styles, and how to work with shades and textures. All of these were necessary stages which helped her start to crystallize the dream of having a career as a plastic artist.

Everything happened very fast, so much so that at age 16, Florencia had already provoked admiration for her oils on canvas, her favorite technique, in which she was defined for her naturalistic tone with incredible realism. Her first exhibitions became unexpected successes. In fact, the first art works of this self-educated artist were acquired by an Argentinian private collector.

Nowadays, with the maturity achieved during such an intense trajectory, that included her degree as an Industrial Designer, Aise has developed a unique technique to portray the beauty of little things, those that we usually miss when they do not belong to us anymore. “Todo el mundo cabe en una sola gota de agua” (The whole world fits in a single drop of water) is her top art work of hyperrealism, in which her careful and faithful drawings question the identity of the original model.

Something similar happens with her recognized Horses series. Thanks to its dynamism and energy, they seem to gallop eternally. And when we thought we knew everything about her, this artist amazes us again with her collages anthology. She shows a considerable versatility when taking everyday objects and turning them into small, significant doses.

Her thorough search for beauty and perfection has taken her to destinations as precious as Rome and New York, where her art work has not gone unnoticed.

Even the Miami Art Basel Week has witnessed the emotion that her images provoke, which advance towards the spectator as a punch loaded with fury, but end the journey as a caress to the soul that in a few seconds, becomes impossible to forget.

This may be the reason why, Forbes Magazine was not mistaken when selecting her as one of the most promising young people, under 35 years, in Argentina.
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