On a Good Day

RUN #:00037
Type:Glclée on 330gsm 100% archival cotton rag paper
Size:12 x 16 Inches
Release:March 15, 2013
Run of:25
The camera can capture a sleeping person, but the dream within that person still remains the quarry of the painter alone. Alison Torneros has touched upon more than mood in On A Good Day; she has discerned the colorful energy of reverie itself and the emotions that come to life in the artist's mind. The features here echo myth and the soulful visage of time's relentless passing, as if a reflection in a mirror had decided to stay and swim in the eternal currents of a hidden ocean.

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12x15 inches - Acrylic, Spray Paint, and Marker on Bristol paper
ABOUT Allison Torneros:
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"These 'dreamscapes' are an exploration in human psychology and behavior. I take a reactive approach to the creative process by allowing the medium to do the 'talking': by throwing around paint in an unpredictable manner and leaving it to dry overnight, I later begin drawing based on what I interpret from the random composition, similar to reading a Rorschach inkblot test.

"Many of my recent pieces are juxtaposed with titles taken from people's online status messages or tweets. People carefully construct their dream selves with each online status update or cut of a surgeon's knife; I have built a colorful, moody, psychedelic world where these fantasies roam freely." – AT

Allison's early passion for art, coupled with her experience growing up in the Silicon Valley, led her to pursue both digital and traditional avenues at a young age and at 11 years old she designed her first website. She began exhibiting her artwork in galleries months after graduating high school and to this day, Allison continues to balance her digital and fine art pursuits.

Allison is a self-proclaimed geek, dance machine, and expert in all things Michael Jackson. She works happily in her studio in Los Angeles.
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