RUN #:00896
Type:Archival Pigment Print on 310gsm Fine Art Paper
Size:12 x 17 Inches
Release:April 11, 2016
Run of:50

The framing option for this RUN includes a 1 Inch Black Wood Frame with UV-Glass, foam core backing and ready to hang hardware.

"Watcher and Keeper were part of a group show curated by June LeeLoo called L'heure bleue/The Blue Hour. June gave a rough guide about the characteristics and meaning behind it saying 'The Blue Hour is the time between day and night when the sky is filled almost entirely of a pale blue darker than the blue sky of the day. In summer, this time is deemed the best to smell the fragrance of flowers. It's also the few minutes when day birds are not yet awake and night birds already asleep...a few minutes or real silence.'

The term is also used to refer to the years in Paris before the First World War. I wanted to give it a Parisian vintage feel while incorporating the elements of time (the watch), sound (the Birds), fragrance (the flowers) and color which surround this hour.

For each piece I did a lot of rough sketches toying about with ideas and layouts. Then developed pencil drawings and did a few color mock-ups in Photoshop. Then I put the drawing on canvas and started painting." - Anarkitty

This RUN comes signed, numbered and with a Certificate of Authenticity from Anarkitty and 1xRUN.

ABOUT Anarkitty:
Anarkitty aka Emma Geary is a 36 year old Artist hailing from a small village just outside Belfast.

"I graduated from The University of Ulster with a Ba Hons degree in Art and Design. The name Anarkitty was born during the six years I lived in London when I as a Web Designer and as a sideline I started to create digital based character illustrations. Returning to Northern Ireland I started to move my characters onto canvas. In 2008 I was given my first solo show and I have been painting ever since.

 A prevalent theme running through my pieces stems from my fascination with Cats! Inspired by their idiosyncratic ways, my “Ladies” have the same arcane attitude encased in a provocative and curious beauty. I want them to be comfortable within their own bodies; know their own mind; to have no feeling of restraint from surrounding judgments. Like cats, they have their own complete and individual personality with which they have a total sense of ease." Anarkitty said.

Her influences and inspirations come from Pinup girls, manga, tattoo, graffiti and toy cultures. In general things like, Eyes, Pinup Girls, Manga/Anime, Cartoons, Tattoos and of course cats.

"I have had many Artist that have inspired me, all at different times. When I was a kid I loved Allen Lee, Brian Fraud, Kay Neelson ect. When I was in London I was really inspired by allot of Graffiti artist – The London Police, Flying Fortress, Dalek, I could go on. Miss Van and Faffis work really inspired me to start painting again. Currently I love artist such as , Tatiana suarez, Jaw Cooper, Casey Weldon and Tom Bagshaw, once again to name but a few." Anarkitty said.

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