Deity I

RUN #:02550
Type:Archival Pigment Print on 285gsm Fine Art Platinum Rag Photo Paper
Size:11 x 17 Inches
Release:September 29, 2019
Auth:This RUN is signed, numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Bre\'Ann WHLGN and 1xRUN.
Murals In The Market 2019
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Since 2010, Bre’Ann White has curated stunning photographs and branding materials for organizations worldwide. The Detroit-bred fashion and portrait photographer is known for creating and cultivating striking images that draw you into the subject’s world. Throughout Bre’Ann’s work portfolio, you will find a consistent layer of authenticity and imagination. With confidence in her work and her vision, this transitional phase in Bre’Ann’s career is allowing her to showcase her work and explore art show opportunities to connect to a broader audience.

Although my biggest inspiration is my city, I want my audience to look at me as a photographer, an artist who transcends her origin and uses her work to draw on the shared connections of humanity. I feel the most complete when I am capturing beauty through people and their body language. While I do not want to be known by the artist who put Detroit on her back, I have always admired the culture of Detroit in its strength and resilience. This same admiration applies to people I work with; people who may not see their full potential due to whatever circumstances may have shaped their experience. My work involves more than just taking a picture, I've become successful in reminding people how beautiful they are and how perfect their imperfections. One of my ongoing goal’s is to help my subjects learn to own their flaws and not allow their flaws to outshine them. I feel that to be dedicated to your craft is to be consumed with all aspects of the process. As I travel for my work, I strive to build connections between audiences through my craft and utilize available resources to contribute to a network of artists around the world. There are so many experiences that I have, and part of my passion is re-creating these emotions for the masses to consume. My identity as a Black woman in today’s society pushes me forward in trying to increase my exposure and highlight my work. My work is empowering to myself and my subjects, and I want my audience to feel that same sense of empowerment and more.
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