Type:Acrylic on Cradled Wood
Size:29 x 72 Inches
Release:March 15, 2013
Run of:1
Apocalypto: The End of An Age
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For the record, here at 1xRUN & 323East we have taken the current opinion (or opinions) regarding the Mayan prediction for the end of the world on December 21st at face value, and like most end of the world doomsday theories, we're luckily all still here.

Nevertheless, we were intrigued by how this forecast lent itself to popular culture and the creative imagination during recent months. 2012 definitely had it's fair share of tumultuous events, even without this ominous message from the past, so using it as a theme here is both an acknowledgment of the fading crackpot news item and more importantly an opportunity for talented people to reflect on the message of global finality – a message that’s as old as Noah and as recent as yesterday’s headlines.

On that note, 1xRUN and 323East have decided that a colorful celebration is the way to go out or remain calm in light of what Central America hinted at many centuries ago. We’ve asked a number of our favorites to submit pieces that touch upon, affirm, reject, or dismiss the notion of scheduled annihilation. They were given free rein to incorporate whatever elements, symbols, ideas, or passions best suited them.

Appropriately enough, this “finale” will mark the final exhibition that the gallery will host at our Royal Oak before moving on to new digs in Detroit's historic Eastern Market district.

Artists Include: Sam Shamsedean, Himanshu Sharma, Matt Eaton, Ana Bagayan, Mark Sarmel, Ray Domzalski, April Segedi, Bask, John Dunivant, Audrey Pongracz, Ron Zakrin, Glenn Barr, Mark Heggie, Aunia Kahn, Brock Goodman, Kelsey Beckett, William Hanagan, Frank Zerelli, Brian Stuhr, Adrienne L'esperance, Julianna Frost, Jon Sandberg, Kobie Solomon, Mary Williams, Jesse Kassel, Craig Hejka, Amy Chenier, Michael Hanlon, Ed Foster, Julianna Counts, Julie Fournier, Tom Thewes & more...

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This RUN comes signed by the artist along with an Original Artwork Letter of Provenance from 1xRUN.

ABOUT Camilo Pardo:
The art that Camilo Pardo has created over the years is all over Detroit. A considerable amount of it is present on our freeways at any given moment of the day. Most recognized for his design work on the Ford GT, Camilo put verve in the steel curves and reminded us that a car's first internal combustion takes place in an artist's mind. The car's external beauty is born there as well. That mind has not ceased from creative labors, even if they're no longer entirely devoted to Motor City mojo.

Camilo's paintings and drawings speak to both his love for linear perfection and his fascination for the manner in which those lines deliver aesthetic satisfaction to the viewer. His works genuinely seem to move and they are energized by what is obviously a rich understanding and respect for popular culture and traditional disciplines. In less talented hands, such a seeming contradiction of forces would negate the best efforts. Camilo makes them reconcile, complement each other and dance together.

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