Cartier RPG

RUN #:01720k
Type:6-Color Serigraph with Grit and Gunpowder on Deckled 320gsm Coventry Rag Fine Art Paper
Size:48.25 x 16.5 Inches
Release:January 26, 2020
Auth:This RUN is signed and numbered by Carmen Spera and comes with a Letter of Provenance from 1xRUN.
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Modern Multiples Collection
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Due to sizing, this RUN does not come with a framing option.

Modern Multiples is a fine art printmaking studio specializing in serigraphs and digital giclees. We collaborate with a wide array of contemporary artists and designers to create unique and highly collectible works of art. Our master printers employ their highly skilled and technical knowledge towards educating and enabling artists to immerse themselves into the printmaking process. We offer artists an opportunity to work one-on-one with our master printers and digital experts to create unique, signed and numbered, archival, limited editions. At Modern Multiples, we are dedicated to the realization of the collective vision between the artist, publisher and printer. Each production is unique in its progression through the different levels of involvement and participation of the artist and publisher. We accommodate all levels of desired involvement by the artists – from color separations, stencil-making and color mixing to actual production and curation.

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ABOUT Carmen Spera:
Although many describe me as a glass artist, it is more accurate to say I am an artist who works with glass.

I started as a painter in the late 1970's, was a pioneer of the vanguard art furniture movement of the 1980's, and eventually stumbled into the glass world by doing reverse-painting on glass after a trip to Haiti in 1981.

I've experimented with painting, casting metals and carving wood, but I'm particularly drawn to doing unconventional work with glass.

I currently have a studio within a glass-slumping factory in Red Hook, Brooklyn and take advantage of the industrial techniques I'm exposed to there to create art objects infused with sociopolitical commentary that I find interesting and relevant. I've taken the iconic images of assault weapons that typically inspire reactions of fear and discomfort and rendered them fragile by creating them from glass. I've also branded them with high fashion design emblems. These pieces join themes of violence and aggression with luxury and class, and are designed to evoke dialogue on power, the global market and arms trade.

I am also reclaiming images that have recently been used by our government and media to spread fear and distrust, and challenging the viewer to perceive them within a larger, more nuanced context. Thorns involves a more classical use of glass, drawing on its magnifying and reflecting qualities through the use of curvature, layering and mirror. This piece reveals itself slowly and incorporates the viewer's image into a prism of beauty and pain.

The essence of my work is to find the sacred in everything.
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Carmen Spera
Coco Chanel AK47
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