RUN #:00060
Type:Giclee on 330gsm 100% Archival Cotton Paper
Size:15.75 x 21.5 Inches
Release:November 01, 2012
Run of:35
The simple and spellbinding term "feminine" has been a favorite subject of painters since the beginning of art itself. Recent years have seen an extraordinary number of female artists imbuing these canvases with a very personal and focused intensity; their goal being a richer and more nuanced interpretation of what can only be described as a timeless mystery.

In Etherea (from a word implying celestial lightness or some other intangible quality), Charmaine Olivia has taken the classic motif of youthful beauty and added the aura of melancholy, the hint of erotic passion, and a defiant pride drawn from experience and self-awareness. And yes, this is very much a contemporary work. The shadowed eyes, the hair adornments, and (most of all) the delicate tracing of the tattoo on her arm - all reference post-modern culture and fashion.

Be especially mindful, please, of those two words AT LAST. A respectful nod to chanteuse Etta James, perhaps? Or a subtle message to the viewer that even a wild child may achieve an inner victory of peace now and then.

ABOUT Charmaine Olivia:
Self-taught painter, tea addict & jewelry fiend living and loving in San Francisco.

Some of her clients and projects include Urban Outfitters, Lady Gaga, Volcom Stone, Element, and Nylon Magazine.

As quoted from an SFStation interview: "My goal has never really been to have tons of art shows. I have a contract with this company in Scandinavia, Bolia, that gets to use ten of my drawings however they want. They enlarge them on walls and use them for all of their advertising. Those are more of the projects I want to do. With galleries your work is in a room. I want my work not just in one room, but on textiles, and on walls, and everywhere. Some people would call that selling out, but I don't care."

Betty Does posted a great interview with Charmaine where she discusses her creative process, work ethic, and evolution as an artist here.

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