Mans Trash Treasure

RUN #:01197m2
Type:Cardboard Collage in Found Frame
Size:40 x 18 Inches
Release:August 04, 2015
Run of:1
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This piece of original artwork is framed and ready to hang.

Inner State Gallery is proud to announce Alchemy an expansive group exhibition curated by prolific multi-media artist Monica Canilao. The immersive site specific installation will feature a gallery wide takeover opening to the public on Friday, July 10th in Detroit’s Historic Eastern Market. Using the medieval forerunner of chemistry for inspiration, Canilao asked the group of over 40 artists to create both two and three dimensional works that will transform the gallery into a contemporary reflection of this well worn path through the eyes of the contributing artists.

“It is said that ‘alchemists’ relied heavily upon their dreams, inspirations and visions for guidance in perfecting their art. In order to protect their secrets, they recorded diaries filled with mysterious symbols rather than text. These symbols remain exceptionally potent for changing states of consciousness.” - Monica Canilao

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This piece of original artwork is signed by the artist and includes an Original Artwork Letter of Provenance from Inner State Gallery.

ABOUT Conrad Carlson:
I’ve been obsessed with the dirty, used and brown world of cardboard box imagery for years. In New York City an endless supply of infinite variation is tossed to the curb every day. As a devout garbage picking packrat who always carries a knife, these gems of urban debris came home with me for years before I ever integrated them into my art. These disposable designs are often printed poorly with bad registration to the best effect with overlapping elements and warped lettering. This printing under close inspection renders each piece uniquely nuanced and strangely timeless in design and line quality. Boxes from the 1950’s to today often look the same, it seems that digital or pixelated imagery has only recently invaded advertisements on these traveling cubes of product placement. To me it’s beautiful distressed garbage, garbage that I bring home, re-contextualize and abstract beyond recognition to create a world of confusing symbolism, awkward creatures and mesmerizing design via collage and sculpture. I hope you never look at trash the same.

Conrad Carlson is an obsessive detritus collecting self taught Brooklyn artist. He makes a myriad of things static and kinetic, ride-able and crash-able, legal and illegal mostly out of garbage. Whether it’s mutant bikes with his Black Label Bicycle Club, odd weirdo graffiti with his vandal friends, art and installations for galleries and other white boxes, or a dance party in an abandoned building it’s all in the name of fun and the beauty of making your world more interesting. He has shown in Paris, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, San Jose, Richmond VA, Baltimore, Brooklyn and Manhattan. Conrad dropped out of college to pursue a creative life, landed in Brooklyn 14 years ago and is also known as Dj Dirtyfinger, ass motivator general.

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