Original Painting - Or The Bad News First

RUN #:00274c
Type:Acrylic + Stain on Birch Panel
Size:36 x 50 x 1.5 Inches
Release:October 08, 2012
Run of:1
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Would You Like The Good News
Or The Bad News First?
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- Original Painting - Would You Like The Good News
- Original Drawing - Or The Bad News First
- Hand-Embellished Prints - Or The Bad News First

"I often work in multiple pieces and diptychs to tell a story and emphasize the alternate sides of certain subjects. I had originally created individual pieces, one with a left hand and the other right hand each holding a flowering structure. The right hand holds one colonized flowering micro-environment cluster of living thriving vitality and the other of apathy, negligence, and wilting death. I suppose they're rooted in our inherent connection to our natural and self-made environments and our role as self-aware and bipolar beings with the power to sustain or destroy ourselves consciously. More literally, we are always faced with choices and in one hand you may hold an improved future and in the other our destruction. I've also struggled with personal self-destructive issues as well which is a constant choice we all face to various degrees. I think the highlights are the meticulous linework, the overall impact from afar and subtle skull image within the building shapes as well as the detailed areas to be examined and discovered when viewing up close. Also, all the color you see here is hand painted. I started each piece with the black and white print and take each one in a varied direction of color and exploration, so they are truly unique and individually interesting." - Daryll Peirce

This RUN comes signed, numbered and with a Certificate of Authenticity from Daryll Peirce and 1xRUN

ABOUT Daryll Peirce:
"Within humanity and the individual mind stirs threads of connectivity including a desire to control our social systems, habitat, future and fears. Opposing that is the ego and the unrelenting internal struggle that obstructs progression. Through art I am free to pendulate between absolutes that define us such as optimism and pessimism, boldness and obscurity, pragmatism and spirituality, creation and destruction. I'm metaphorically exploring these interwoven polarities using the human figure, arterial botanic city-like organisms, fractal growth, bandages, volatile energy clusters and a host of ever-growing imagery. Socially, my lens has always been focused on outcasts and outsiders and I enjoy taking grotesque liberties with the human form to express their vulnerabilities. My hope is to provoke an internal exploration of the dualities within as well as those of our general human nature. " - Daryll Peirce

Focused on exploring the connectivity within humanity and its claims of control over social systems, habitat, nature, and future, Peirce's artwork pendulates between absolutes–such as optimistic or pessimistic, satiric or esoteric, pragmatic or spiritual, and bold or poetic. Grotesquely exaggerated human forms, arterial-botanic city organisms, and flowering interconnected urban clusters currently inhabit his psyche and spew into his work. On a more intimate level, his influences instinctively stem from past and current environs, travel, exploration, skateboarding, surfing, day-dreaming, philosophy, and interacting with all forms of the human animal with a focused lens on the social outcast.

Daryll was born in Reno, Nevada in 1978 and received his BFA from the Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design in 2000. He has since worked incessantly as a painter, designer, illustrator, occasional curator, and creative. His work has been hosted in multiple national and international exhibitions and galleries as well as on external public walls. His work has been in publications such as IdN, The New York Times, Blackbook, Print, Juxtapoz, various city papers and online at The Huffington Post, Wooster Collective, Slam Hype, Fecal Face, Hi-Fructose, Scene360, No New Enemies, Coolhunting, and Modart. Although he moves and travels often he considers San Francisco, California home.
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Daryll Peirce
Original Drawing - The Bad News First...
Run of 1
This run is not on sale. Check the product page for more info.
Daryll Peirce
Original Painting - Would You Like The Good News
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Daryll Peirce
Hand-Embellished Prints - Or The Bad News First
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