Type:9-Color Screen Print on 250gsm Stonehenge White Fine Art Paper
Size: 30 x 12 Inches
Release:August 03, 2019
Run of:100
Auth:This RUN comes signed, numbered and with a Certificate of Authenticity from Chaz Bojorquez, David Flores and 1xRUN.
The Hollywood Sound
10 Artworks2 Available

Due to sizing, this RUN does not come with a framing option.

The Hollywood Sound Print Series

Releasing Every Monday at 12pm EST

August 29th - C/S - #1 of 3 by Chaz Bojorquez & Slick
September 5th - Frank by Chaz Bojorquez & David Flores
September 12th - Right by Chaz Bojorquez
September 19th - Venus de Slick by Slick
September 26th - C/S - #2 of 3 + 3-Print Set by Chaz Bojorquez & Slick
October 3rd - Wrong by Chaz Bojorquez
October 10th - Angel by David Flores
October 17th - C/S- #3 of 3 + 3-Print Set by Chaz Bojorquez & Slick

David Flores started illustrating for skate, surf and snow boards at the age of 17. Flores briefly worked for Shortys Skateboards as a freelance Illustrator during those early years he would become internationally published in the pages of Transworld Skateboarding for his illustration of the Black Panthers skate bearing logo by the age of 20. He also contributed to many other companys such as Real, Stereo, Thunder, Doh Doh, BlackMagic. Anti Hero, Powell Peralta, Spitfire Wheels, and Lucky Bearings this career would path would last up until the late 90's generating a mass amount of art and graphics that are still used to this day, ending at Deluxe Distribution by 2001.

Chaz Bojorquez believes that true self-expression comes from the soul. At an early age, in the 1950’s he experienced the graffiti tradition of the East Los Angeles Mexican-Americans. Los Angeles ‘Cholo’ style graffiti was dictated by an honored code of writing. Allegiance to that code of traditional writing brought you respect. In 1968, out of high school with a liberal arts/mathematics diploma, and one year of state college, Chaz enrolled into Chouinard art school (known today as Cal Arts). He also studied Asian calligraphy from Master Yun Chung Chiang (Master Chiang studied under Pu Ju, brother of the last Emperor of China). From all of these experiences, in 1969 he combined the tradition and honor from Cholo gang graffiti and the educational knowledge from art school, and with the spiritual skills of Asian calligraphy. Chaz was one of the first graffiti writers from Los Angeles, with his own style. After more than a decade of tagging in the streets in the 1970’s and early 1980’s, came a deeper need to understand, why do we do graffiti? In 1975 Italian photographer Gusmano Cesaretti interviewed Chaz for Street Writers, a transcribed audio tour of East Los Angeles graffiti in the early 1970’s. A pioneer book in the Chicano and Graffiti culture.

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