RUN #:00019
Type:3 Color Silkscreen on 100lb Mr. French Paper
Size:24 x 19 inch
Release:November 05, 2012
Run of:40
The idea for this image started when someone tweeted at me "Thank you for bringing the humor and fun back to graffiti" with a hashtag saying "#thesecondcomingofkeithharing" I think this planted the seed. Now although I have a long way to go and much to do before a comparison like that can be rightly made, I did appreciate the sentiment. Fun was the whole reason I started doing this. The graffiti culture is based much in violence and negative energy. Plus they take themselves way too seriously for a glorified pissing contest.

I originally thought this was something ripe for parody while simultaneously entertaining/offending. My friend Phil Lumbang was in town and while sitting around making some pictures he suggested I do a Haring mashup. Instantly the image of haring's radiant baby popped into my mind. I thought of this image in particular because of its iconic nature. Also I thought this would be a nice homage to Keith. This is just a guess, but if he was still around, I bet he would be a fan of DICKCHICKEN.

Photo credit: Michael Dubin

ABOUT Dickchicken:
Legend has it that shortly after the passing away of the Buddha his disciples met in council at Rajagaha for the purpose of recalling to mind the truths they had received from their beloved Teacher during the forty-five years of his ministry. Their hope was to implant the principles of his message so firmly in memory that they would become a lasting impetus to moral and spiritual conduct, for themselves, their disciples, and for all future disciples who would seek to follow in the footsteps of the Awakened One.

With the Teacher no longer among them, the monks found themselves with the responsibility of handing on the teaching as faithfully as possible. Having no written texts to rely on, they searched their master's quarters hoping to find any notes or journals. To their dismay the Master had no belongings. Only one scrap of paper with a drawing on it. That drawing was the first appearance of we now know today as "DICKCHICKEN." The disciples smiled. They knew the lesson the Master had left behind was one of whimsy, humor and light.

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