Forest Kami

RUN #:00372es
Type:Mixed Media
Size:11 x 7 x 20 Inches
Release:November 26, 2012
Run of:1
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Glass, Cinder & Thorns II
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This November, 323East Gallery will once again host Glass, Cinder & Thorns. The all-women, fairy-tale inspired group exhibition features over 20 new pieces from some of today's best female artists curated by April Segedi.

"As children, our parents often read us bedtime stories of Little Mermaids, Sleeping Beauties, and Little Red Riding Hoods. However, these seemingly innocent stories often had evil lurking within their pages. The more we age, the more we realize how wonderful being an innocent child can sometimes be as we lose ourselves in fantasies of white horses, magic, and dazzling princesses. What Disney failed to mention is that the mermaid dies, multiple suitors defiled Sleeping Beauty, and the wolf ate grandma. Horrible things happen everyday and we all sometimes wish for a place and time where life is simpler and better. We find ourselves yearning for the warmth of our childhood beds, the calming voice of our parents, and the journey back to that enchanted world. Yet we must remember that even in fairylands of beauty and glitter, evil things creep about in false glamours. It may be the evil witch living in the gingerbread house or a beautiful sea nymph singing you into your watery grave." - April Segedi

This RUN comes signed by the artist along with an Original Artwork Letter of Provenance from 323East Gallery and 1xRUN.

ABOUT Emi Slade:
Emi Slade is a fresh, young, multi-talented Detroit artist producing mostly sculptural and taxidermic work in her secret studio laboratory. Many of the works contained in her collections are both wild in color and content, and many exhibit terrifying realness and psychedelic painted elements within them. Emi’s work is featured all over the globe and has received international status exhibiting with galleries such as Modern Eden in San Francisco, Zakka Gallery in NYC, EXP group in Italy, and La Luz de Jesus in Los Angeles. Original one-of-a-kind sculptures, themed painted shows, custom vinyl toy exhibits, ground-breaking taxidermic displays, and large juried outdoor festivals are all mainstays of Emi’s yearly show diet. Her yearly collections have been described as incredibly prolific, highly collectable, and truly unique in the world of contemporary art.

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