Riding Green In The Hood

RUN #:01083k
Type:Acrylic Spray on Canvas Gallery Wrap
Size:40 x 30 Inches
Release:March 20, 2015
Run of:1
Glass, Cinder & Thorns III
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This piece of original artwork comes ready to hang.

For the latest incarnation of Glass, Cinder & Thorns, curator April Armand has assembled her most ambitious group of local and internationally recognized artists to date, pulling some of the best and brightest in contemporary art in a myriad of mediums.

Featured artists of Glass, Cinders & Thorns III include: Amy Earles 1 + 2 - Audrey Pongracz - Bethany Shorb - Caitlin Hackett - Camille LaMontagne - Celeste Byers - Christina Mrozik - DeEtta Harris - Edith Lebeau - Erin Yoshi 1 + 2 - Heidi Taillefer - I Met Lucy 1 + 2 - Indie - Jana Brike - Kashink - Kelly McKernan - Kelly Vivanco 1 + 2 + 3 - Kelsey Beckett - Lacey Bryant 1 + 2 + 3 - Lady Diva 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + Lady Orlando - Liza Corbett 1 + 2 - Mab Graves - Mary Williams - Mimi Yoon - Rudy Fig 1 + 2 + 3 - Sheri DeBow 1 + 2 + 3 - Sienna Freeman 1 + 2 + 3 - Stephanie Buer 1 + 2 - Tatiana Suarez - Taylor White - Vexta 1 + 2 - Wendy Ortiz and Yumiko Kayukawa -

This piece of original artwork comes signed by Erin Yoshi and includes an Original Artwork Letter of Provenance from Inner State Gallery.

ABOUT Erin Yoshi:
Born in Los Angeles, CA. Erin Yoshi was inspired at an early age by her parents to create. She built a darkroom and started developing photography at age 7. She was influenced by stories of her family’s experiences during the Internment Camps of WWII, which instilled curiosity for human capacity and politics of power. Her foundation as a community organizer has influenced her art and project themes.

Yoshi tells stories and shares emotional expression with delicate brush strokes. Her artwork reflects of the struggle within communities, and the paradigms of social injustice and class struggles. The artwork has become the talking point, but the projects she creates have expanded her art form.

Yoshi rides with The Trust Your Struggle Collective (US), Few and Far (US), Choke on It (LA), and APC (Colombia). She obtained a MBA focusing on International Sustainability. Yoshi previously was the Interim Director of the Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles. Currently Erin is the Executive Director of the Estria Foundation, that hosts the international #WaterWrites Mural Series and the only national graffiti competition, the Estria Battles, featured in 6 cities across the nation.

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Erin Yoshi
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