Spaced Out

RUN #:00776de
Type:Shark Figurine
Size:Custom Vinyl
Release:June 22, 2015
Run of:1
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Pangea Seed - Sea Walls Prints + Original Artwork
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100% of the proceeds from this release will go towards the Sea Walls Campaign.

Pangea Seed and 1xRUN are embarking on the biggest Sea Walls project yet. We’ve invited some of today’s biggest names in contemporary street art including Tatiana Suarez, Curiot, Hannah Stouffer, Meggs, Cinzah Seekayem, Tristan Eaton, Celeste Byers, NoseGo, Spencer Keeton Cunningham, Vexta, Aaron Glasson, Shark Toof and Saner to join us on our first-ever Sea Walls expedition.

The mission of the expedition is to offer these artists the opportunity to swim with and study endangered whale sharks and oceanic manta rays off the coast of the island of Isla Mujeres, Mexico from July 20-28, 2014. Inspired by their interactions with these majestic giants in the wild and in partnership with the local government the artists will create a series of large-scale public murals on the island to help educate and raise greatly needed awareness within the local and tourist communities for the plight of these animals and the oceans.

This RUN comes signed by the artist.

ABOUT Joshua Herbolsheimer:
Joshua Herbolsheimer grew up on Eternia, fighting alongside the Mighty Skeletor against the villainous He-Man and his evil thugs. During the height of battle, he attempted to transform into an 18-Wheeler, but ended up becoming a human adult. After a brief period of real-life, he fell through a Warp Zone into San Francisco, California, where he currently creates toys and t-shirts at Super7, and spends his free time hiking through the woods and riding his bicycle.
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