RUN #:02575l02
Type:Oil on Paper
Size:24 x 30 Inches
Release:September 21, 2019
Run of:1
Auth:This RUN comes signed by Lindy Shewbridge and includes an Original Artwork Letter of Provenance from 1xRUN.
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ABOUT Lindy Shewbridge:
Lindy Marie Shewbridge is an artist who resides in South West Detroit. She was named after the 1930s-40s swing dance the ‘Lindy Hop”. Which is Ironic because her life and her work involves a lot of movement, color, and organic expressions. Lindy discovered immeasurable bliss in painting, drawing, and crafts at an early age. In school she would excuse herself from class to the art room where she felt her time was best spent.

From the almighty powers that be, Lindy’s spirited high school art teacher, Hope Palmer, confronted Lindy about art and pursuing her endeavors.

Lindy is an Oil Painter that demonstrates a highly developed sense of color, composition and a keen attention to detail. She creates colorful shapes of organic nature that moves across the wall, canvas or panel. These Shapes include hard lines of which seem to shift with movement creating depth and wonder. The Origin of her work derives from her own personal anxieties. As an attempt to alleviate the anxiety, she would soften her mind, and then let her hand play with a pen and a small sketch book. Lindy translated her playful sketches into paintings as a further pursuit of channeling her anxiety. Focused, Lindy saw herself inward and listened. As time passed, she discovered much of her work reached others in similar ways. This opened dialogs and new friendships, pushing her outward. Shinning light on her anxiety.

Although primarily self-taught Lindy is a Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate from College for Creative Studies with a high interest in Art History. At College for Creative Studies Lindy gained wisdom, a well fed prolific attitude, and a strong knowledge of mediums from her mentor Gilda Snowden. She paints full-time in a loft/studio. Since October 2016 she has painted two murals, one at Brooklyn Street Local and the other at Baltimore Gallery. Lindy has shown in exhibitions, galleries, and locations; such as Atomic Cafe, Annex Gallery, Baltimore Gallery, Janice Charach Gallery, Tangent Gallery, Detroit Design Festival, Detroit Artist Market, Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, Ford Field, Whithdel Gallery, and Scarab Club. Lindy was selected to create works of art for the Red Bull House of Art, cycle four, studio residency in Eastern Market Detroit.

Currently, Lindy is teaching three classes at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, working on large scale paintings for upcoming shows, commissions, introducing new mediums to her work, and will be a participant in a 48 hour show, creating art live for 48 hours straight. She is also a participating artist for the NSO Man in the City Experience.
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Run of 1
This run is not on sale. Check the product page for more info.
Lindy Shewbridge
Run of 1
This run is not on sale. Check the product page for more info.
Lindy Shewbridge
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