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District N 34° - Original Artwork
Run #02341q
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TYPE:Aerosol Paint and Acrylic on Canvas
SIZE:70 x 50 cm (27.56 x 19.67 Inches)
This RUN is signed by MAD and includes an Original Artwork Letter of Provenance from 1xRUN.
Original Artwork 1
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About The Work
About The Artist
"What would happen today if Jesus were alive? That's what Mad asked himself in his life and artistic journey. The answer lies in this work: in the middle of the desert, a dromedary carries on its only hump a solar panel instead of the usual saddle to mount. The panel is then connected by wires to an electric energy generator, the same one that allows the operation of two very powerful means of communication, a computer and a parable. And it is here that Jesus is placed who, sitting on the ground in his traditional tunic, is intent on writing something to the computer, probably one of his own parables that are then sent into the ether through another type of parable. In short, in the age of 4.0 even Jesus could no longer do proselytism, as happened 2000 years ago, in person, but would be forced (or flooded?) to bend to the logic of the network, where to be someone and be heard you can only post, put like and comment on the status of others. From the royal square, then, even a historical character who has made dialogue one of his workhorses should take the tool of the PC and move his preaching in the virtual square. It makes us reflect, then, how this activity needs, even in the middle, a significant amount of energy, the same that Jesus, with some means of luck, must get at all costs to be heard by the world." Written by Clara Amodeo
MAD (born 1987) is a street artist from Tabriz, Iran since 2008. His major interests include combining critical social and cultural commentary with a dose of humor and metaphor, war, peace, freedom, humanity, etc. He has presented his unique works on walls and art galleries of numerous countries around the world including Iran, US, Netherlands, UK, Norway, and Turkey.
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