A Selection of the World's Most Endangered Sharks

Type:Gouche on Paper Mounted in Custom Frame
Size:24 x 40 Inches
Release:June 22, 2015
Run of:1
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PangeaSeed Archive Access 2015
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This piece of original artwork is signed by the artist.

ABOUT Martin Machado:
My work reflects the time I spend at sea as a merchant marine, commercial fisherman, and sailor. I typically use a camera as my notebook while at sea, then recreate these experiences through the use of paint when back in the studio. On longer jobs, such as in the container-ship work, I paint in my cabin in what spare time I can find.

A current series has taken inspiration from 18th century etchings that were the result of South Pacific exploration by Europeans. My aim is to recreate the style of these historical works through ink on paper, while infusing imagery and ideas that stem from my own time at sea. In some works I sample from this canon, juxtaposing a historical figure perhaps, with a character I have met in my own travels. I hope that my art works touch on the complexity of a globalized economy and the effects it has on humans, animals, and the environment.
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