Parallax - 18 x 24 Edition

RUN #:01364a
Type:Archival Pigment Print on 310gsm Fine Art Paper
Size:18 x 24 Inches
Release:March 11, 2016
Run of:50
Auth:This RUN comes signed, numbered and with a Certificate of Authenticity from Handiedan and 1xRUN.
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The framing option for this RUN includes a 1.25 inch ornate gold frame with UV-glass, foam core backing and ready to hang hardware.

"Parallax symbolizes the different optical view or impression a person can have. Optical differences, and the differentiation thereof. A small change, can make a huge difference. Also called The parallax effect. Optical illusion and there is more that meets the eye. A periscopic view of the circle of life with the inner and outer challenges we all face.

The original collage was part of my recent Trifecta show. For that show I created 5 larger sized hand cut collages. This was a new challenge for me in size and in detail. The result is an in depth overview of the type of artwork I’ve created throughout the years and more, but with the main subject as described earlier." - Handiedan

Handiedan‘s artistic universe revolves around some leading visual motifs and yet it amazes thanks to its complexity, both in terms of formal composition and in terms of the technique she uses for making them. These two aspects together determine the irresistible charm of her art.

Undisputed protagonists of Handiedan‘s sculptural hand-cut collages, her vintage pin-ups immediately recall the burlesque genre. However if we look into them further many sources of inspiration are revealed: the Neo-Classical and Victorian ages, the Parisian Belle Époque, up to the 1940’s and Post-War sexy imagery. But none of Handiedan‘s ‘models’ really existed. In fact each of them is composed through by assembling anatomical parts of different pre-existing images. The newly formed woman is the result of a complex layering process that gives to Handiedan‘s art a three-dimensional quality and makes a collaged bas-relief out of every work. Her cheerfully sexy creatures seem to lively bend in and out of their background.

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Follow Handiedan on Instagram @handiedan , Twitter @handiedan & Facebook Her artwork has been shown throughout the world including her sold-out solo shows at Roq la Rue and Thinkspace Gallery, and shows & fairs at Jonathan LeVine Gallery, Spoke Art/Hashimoto Contemporary, Scope Miami, Phone Booth Gallery, Black Book Gallery in the US, Unit 44 in the UK, Mondo Bizzarro Gallery in Rome and museum La Halle St. Pierre in Paris. as well as with mural projects like 'Wall Therapy' in Rochester NY, 'One Wall' with Urban Nation in Berlin and 'White Walls' with Unit44 in Newcastle.

Her art has been featured in several books, magazines and blogs including Victionary, Die Gestalten Verlag, HEY!, BISPublishers, Delayed Gratification, IdN Magazine, NowThen, Monday Inspiration, DPI, Fefe, HiFructose and Juxtapoz.
ABOUT Handiedan:
The art of Dutch artist Handiedan involves a complex cut and paste mixture of digital and highly detailed sculptural hand cut collages.

Deeply influenced by scientific and spiritual interests Handiedan’s art embraces the various forms of vital energy endlessly permeating the universe and mirrors the eternal motion of life in its kaleidoscopic manifestations.

Protagonists of the works are the iconic pin-ups clearly inspired by the burlesque universe. The artist digitally composes their bodies by assembling anatomical parts of different pre-existing pin-up images from the 1920-1940s, transforming them into images reminiscent of the Neo-Classical and Victorian ages, the Parisian Belle Époque, up to the 1940's and Post-War sexy imagery.

The iconic female figures stand for the Lover and the Mother, embodying sexual freeing and tender love, strength and vulnerability. At once mistresses and goddesses, these creatures are endowed with a symbolic power that can be traced down to the archetype of Mother Earth (or Mother Nature) in which all ancient cultures identified the natural course of the circle of life with its transitory stages of birth, change, decay and renewal.

The ornamental background of the image is digitally pulled out of paper currency, vintage stock options, sheet music, science maps and her own drawings. A visual world filled with Fibonacci spirals, fractal patterns, planetary charts and sacred geometry, all scientifically or symbolically representing the universal harmony ruling nature and life.

The creative process shifts into a more meditative slow-paced stage as Handiedan assembles the printed layers of paper and found collage material with refined craftsmanship. Each detail is printed on multiple sheets of paper that are masterfully hand-cut and carefully pasted over to reach a sculpted quality. As a result, Handiedan’s art carries an organic unity and the visual motifs harmonically coexist into a single yet richly complex experience that instantly strikes for its exuberant liveliness while the countless details scattered all over ask for the gaze to slowly wander and linger around it.

Handiedan’s art can both be seen in galleries throughout the world as well outside the gallery as large scale wheat paste installations.

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