Duty Free Detroit

RUN #:01568yf
Type:Oil on Canvas
Size:24 x 24 Inches
Release:July 29, 2016
Run of:1
Auth:This RUN comes signed by Paula Zammit and includes an Original Artwork Letter of Provenance from Inner State Gallery.
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The Detroiter
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This piece of original artwork comes ready to hang.

Inner State Gallery and Heron Arts are proud to announce The Detroiter a unique collaborative group show opening July 30th, 2016 in San Francisco. Featuring a vast selection of artists with ties to Detroit, the exhibition includes artists currently living and working in Detroit, expatriate Detroit artists from around the globe, as well as select artists from the Bay Area who take inspiration from Detroit’s unique visual landscape. On top of over 50 visual artists, the exhibition will include a showcase from Ghostly International curated by Detroit's trendsetting Movement Electronic Music Festival, bringing the Detroit sound to San Francisco with live performances from Matthew Dear, Shigeto and Lusine.

This expansive group exhibition will feature original artwork from:
Andrew Krieger - April Segedi - Ben Saginaw - Brett Amory - Camilo Pardo - Clinton Snider - Dabls - Dan Armand - Derek Weisberg - Dessislava Terzieva - Ellen Rutt - Fel3000ft - Glenn Barr - Graem Whyte - Jeremy Harvey - Jerry Vile Jesse Kassel - John Dunivant - Jonny Alexander - Julian Spradlin -
Lauren Harrington - Lucien Shapiro - Mark Arminski - Mark Sarmel -
Matt Eaton - Matt Gordon - Michelle Tanguay - Nick Jaskey - NNII - Ouizi - Pat Perry - Patrick Ethan - Paul Johnson - Paula Schubatis - Paula Zammit Peter Adamyan - Rashaun Rucker - Ron Zakrin - Ryan Doyle - Scott Hocking Shaun Roberts - Stephanie Buer - Sydney James - Tiff Massey - Tom Thewes -
Tylonn Sawyer - Vaughn Taormina and Eugene Watson
ABOUT Paula Zammit:
The pervasive theme in Paula's work, whether it be painting, encaustic (which migrates between 2 and 3D application) or some other non-traditional material, such as urethane foam, is her interest in organic form. From her realistic figurative paintings to the biomorphic abstract work she creates, her curiosity and intrigue in the natural world and the parallels existing therein, are undeniable. She holds a BFA (with honors) from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Mi.

Paula is married to Jay Zammit, two-time Ironman finisher. Aside from a handful of years in St. Louis, she is a life-long Detroit, MI area resident and happy to be immersed in the rebuilding of the North Corktown neighborhood. She is a member of Corktown Studios in Detroit along with fellow artists: Alisyn Malek, Jake Chidester, Lisa Poszywak, Jaye Allen Thomas and Chris Anderson
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Paula Zammit
Reconnaissance Man
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Paula Zammit
Fifty Eight
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