Death Wonderland

Type:4 Color Screen Print
Size:20 x 27.5 Inches
Release:May 31, 2013
Run of:50
Hand-printed and signed in an edition of 50 by the artist.
"Death Wonderland is a free interpretation of a ghost town theme park. I got inspired by old-school ghost-house attractions at fairs, early Nintendo maps and old local buildings in my city. I tried not to draw everything in proportion and perspective but more a free interpretation of shapes and colour." – Rick

Trust us - no one loves Halloween more or throws a better party this time of year than an artist. It's not just that your average painter or sculptor is still a kid at heart (although many are!), it's due more to the many creative impulses that arise when somber tranquility eases the year out of summer's heat and into autumn's beguiling chill.

Death Wonderland is a perfect tribute to all this - and Rick Berkelmans, we suspect, decorates his house with enthusiastic flair every October. As the eye descends vertically from the ironic bienvenue at the top to each and every familiar monster motif on the canvas, the heart (especially the nostalgic heart) literally smiles. This 1xRUN piece should be Exhibit A whenever a dour killjoy or some other "civic minded" entity seeks to snuff out the candles in our jack o' lanterns!

– Robert del Valle

Rick personally produced all 50 of these silkscreen prints in Breda, The Netherlands. Take a look at some of the very cool process photos he provided on our Facebook album here.

ABOUT Rick Berkelmans:

Rick Berkelmans (1986) work is full of action and humor and consists of a strong mix of images, typography and color. Never being too much in your face, Berkelmans' always makes sure his work is packed with a certain attitude, casual but well thought through. The finishing touch to his illustrations is Rick's love for printing techniques, which combines his fresh illustrations with a unique vintage look.

Rick lives and works in Breda where he runs his one-man design studio Hedof. With a combination of commercial projects and exhibitions he raised his profile on an international level. Clients include Effenaar, 013, Sony Playstation, Graphic Design Museum, Eight Magazine, Red Bull, FormFiftyFive, Zwijsen, Casio G shock, Arte and Red Cross.

Based in Detroit, Michigan, 1xRUN (one-time run) is the world's leading publisher of fine art editions and online destination for original art. With collectors more than 1,300 editions since 2010.
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