Self Love - In The Black Edition

RUN #:3878
Type:Archival Pigment Print on 290gsm Moab Entrada Fine Art Paper
Size:18 x 24 Inches
Release:May 28, 2021
Run of:10
Auth:This RUN comes signed & numbered by Robert Moore and with a Certificate of Authenticity from 1XRUN.
"It’s important to have open discussions about mental health. Whatever platform or language you can use to encourage vulnerability in healing and maintaining mental health the better off humanity will be. A lot of us are damaged from suppression of trauma, not to mention the trauma alone. It’s ok to not be ok. 

"My art uplifts a neglected narrative both in representation, race, occupation as well as emotional healing. It’s a quiet way to make a lot of noise. It’s like each work I create casts a ripple in a pond that touches on person who needed affirmation that were all a little damaged but most importantly were all in the same pond together. We dance in harmony when we are our healthiest self. We can only do that by fixing or repairing what’s been damaged. Therapy is a great source for the process of healing."

–Robert B. Moore
ABOUT Robert B. Moore:
Robert Moore (b.1983-) Des Moines, Iowa | Lakewood, California. Robert, a multidisciplinary contemporary artist started painting to counter drug addiction and alcoholism among mental and emotional health outlets. To Robert, he is constantly in pursuit of happiness, which in his current state is defined by fulfillment + purpose. He finds purpose in connecting narrative and opening doors for connection, relation, healing, discussion. From up-cycled sculpture to abstract portrait and urban neo-expressionism, Robert has defined his genre or style as "narrative". He is purposeful with every word, brushstroke and connection to the work with contention if intentionally or accidental occurrences influenced the work. Like many human and human experiences, the exterior never truly tells how the person was composed within the interior or influences/experiences that impacted them and so human nature typically has a subjective stance. Robert attempts to strip away those subjective "soft" assumptions of narrative instead calling it out directly. That is the goal in his work, to conflict and provoke thought of narrative of African and African American diaspora as well as social and civil experiences of underrepresented people + narrative.

"As a recovering alcoholic and addict, art is my therapy and I find fulfillment in producing the work as a healthy alternative to addiction and mental health disorders (a/k/a super powers). As long as I am representing the underrepresented narrative and narrative that exposes the most vulnerable forms of authenticity and growth, then I find this as a form of currency to me". Blessings & Good Vibes - b.Robert Moore

Roberts work can be found internationally from green collections to established recognized private collections. Robert continues to develop the mastery of his craft without restriction of rules or style, or brand. He is constantly evolving, Roberts work can be found in public and private installations internationally. 
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