Softball Cap - Original Painting

RUN #:00632b
Type:Mixed Media on Cradled Canvas
Size:42 x 42 x 2 Inches
Release:December 20, 2013
Run of:1
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Softball Cap + Original Artwork
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This piece of original artwork is cradled and ready to hang.

"One thing I liked about my experience as a graffiti artist was starting out with letters and tweaking them which caused a sometimes legible or illegible output. Lately I have been applying a similar experimental approach to portraiture. In this particular piece I decided to use both portraiture and lettering as a starting point where I eventually distorted and blended both subjects and ended with some interesting results. The process involves a constant edit to images I select, where in this case I chose a face and letter at random which came together as a small drawing. From that drawing I made a larger painting that also transformed since the medium, particularly spray paint, has more range. I used a spray paint nozzle throughout the painting similar to what we used to take off oven cleaner. We used to call them “soft ball caps” because the paint would flare out to that size. Along with the prints, the original painting and drawing are for sale here on 1xRUN." - Samuel Rodriquez

This piece of original artwork is signed by Samuel Rodriguez and comes with an Original Artwork Letter of Provenance from 1xRUN.

ABOUT Samuel Rodriguez:
Samuel Rodriguez is an emerging artist who works in various mediums including design, walls, paintings and drawing. From 2005-2007 he worked with artist Mel Chin on a permanent installation for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library in San Jose, California. More recently he has completed two additional permanent public art fixtures, one for the Los Angeles County Metro Authority at Jefferson Station, and the other for another library in San Jose's Solari Branch. His work has been exhibited at Anno Domini, Oakland Museum of Art (group exhibit), The San Jose Museum of Art, Known Gallery (group exhibit), Pow Wow Hawai'i, and Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana (MACLA). Rodriguez was self-taught for a number of years through his experience as a graffiti artist until he later received a Bachelor in Fine Arts from California College of the Arts.

Rodriguez is a people-watcher who usually finds interest in everyone’s unique blend and character. His work integrates elements of life expressions, and. His goal is to re-construct moments through a mix of figurative and abstract painting.

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