RUN #:02603
Type:Archival Pigment Print + Silver Foil Embellishments on Hand-Deckled 290gsm Moab Fine Art Paper
Size:22 x 22 Inches
Release:February 05, 2020
Run of:50
Auth:This RUN comes signed, numbered and with a Certificate of Authenticity from Stanley Donwood and 1xRUN.
"This piece was created in autumn of 2006. I remember because there was a deer park nearby and it was rutting season. Rutting stags make a really weird noise. I'd read a number of very depressing books about the inevitable collapse of our civilisation and I was trying to make pictures that represented huge shopping malls, endless car parks, interminable housing tracts, degraded landscapes and so on. At the time Radiohead were working on a track called Down Is The New Up, and as a consequence I made a sort of house-emblem consisting of two arrows - down and up - and was using it extensively. The running figure in the painting is (I think) from an American road sign. Road signage was a form I copied from widely. This painting was one of the more humane images I made during that period." - Stanley Donwood

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ABOUT Stanley Donwood:
Stanley Donwood is an artist and writer. He is best known for his association with Radiohead and has made all their artwork since 1994. He has had exhibitions worldwide, and his monograph, There Will Be No Quiet, was published last year. His latest book, Bad Island, is published on February 13th by Penguin. Stanley Donwood has had a website for a very long time now, and despite being an early adopter of the internet he is now woefully out of date, old-fashioned and ignorant of upcoming trends.

Among the projects he has done are the artwork for Radiohead’s records, an early cyber conference, depressing flyposters, many short stories, a pulp-noir-thriller, a record company, book covers for JG Ballard’s novels, art direction for a film about nuclear weapons, the artwork for Glastonbury Festival, a book about holloways with Robert Macfarlane, art installations in Bristol, London, the Netherlands and Sydney, as well as exhibitions worldwide.
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