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RUN #:01436c
Type:Liquid Polymer on Mylar
Size:24 x 24 Inches
Release:March 11, 2016
Run of:1
Auth:This piece of original artwork is signed by Tina St Clair and includes an Original Artwork Letter of Provenance from 1xRUN.
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This piece of original artwork comes ready to hang.

Tina is fighting hard everyday and redefining what I had believed to be the core meanings of the words strength, integrity, and compassion. I have spent the last 6 months alongside Tina as she has battled her cancer, without medical help, and then finally with the assistance of knowing and caring specialists.

Through this entire ordeal, she has made it abundantly clear that while her loved ones ( and there are many, many of you out there who she loves dearly regardless of when you last spoke.. ) worry about her, she worries more about us and our health then her own. She has repeatedly taken the time out of her day to ask about how others are doing, smiled and talked with visiting friends when they have come by ( regardless of her strength or exhaustion at the time ) and has not once uttered a negative word or sigh of frustration about her cancer.

I believed, rather foolishly, that of the two of us I was the one watching over her and protecting her over the past four years. In truth, I now see that it was actually Tina who helped raise me up and who is in fact the stronger and more determined of us both. I cannot tell you how proud I am to have been able to watch her daily progression, as both an artists and as a human being.

I am repeatedly blown away by her constant development and displays of strength, both mentally and physically, everyday. We still have a long road to recovery ahead of us, but Tina has also made it clear that its important for those who love her and are concerned to enjoy their time, and share in the passions that she pursued as well.

She's still here, fighting away, not looking back, and staying strong for us. Get a cup of coffee, do what inspires you, and maybe pet a feral cat - it's what Tina will be back doing soon enough.

Thank you for the love and support, and please keep sharing her art, her story, and this page.

Dereck Seltzer
ABOUT T.S. Claire:
A self taught Los Angeles based painter, TS Claire has quickly become one of the city's most unique and carefully watched artists. Her work, which balances elements of portraiture, abstraction, design and screen printing focuses on the theme of female empowerment.

On December 25th, 2015 T.S. Claire was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Multiforme grade 4, a tumor which required immediate surgery to stop the swelling of her brain which was triggering severe boughts of nausea, photosensitivity, and chronic migraines. In order to save her life she required a invasive brain surgery to remove a sizable ( 2 inch x 1 inch ) tumor mass which was putting her life in danger.

She will need extensive chemotherapy and radiation treatment to put the cancer in check and her hospital bills are mounting. Tina will be unable to work during the next year as a result of the time necessary to heal from her surgery and battling the daily side effects of fatigue and nausea that the pharmacueutical cocktails she requires cause daily. Every dollar earned here will be used to pay for her medical bills, housing and food during her time of recovery.

Tina St Claire has always been and remains a independent and caring individual who has always put the thoughts and needs of others in front of her own.

Now, in her time of need, I, Dereck Seltzer, am asking on her behalf that you please look at her work, which is skilled and crafted far beyond her years and support her by donating to her GoFundMe, purchasing her art via ( ) or bringing attention to her cause.

Tina St Claire is a woman who strongly believes in gender and racial equality and who has worked independently and by her own means to help provide imagery and content that represents those who have been marginalized or looked over by society as a whole.

Tina's visual content is provided for anyone to enjoy and to be see on her tumblr account, at her website at or via her instagram @tfail .

Please help support her and her art so that she can continue to stand proudly for what she believes in and provide the world with imagery and content for years to come. We desperately need your help and are grateful for any contribution no matter how big or small.
Run of 1
T.S. Claire
Run of 1
T.S. Claire
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