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RUN #:4888b
Type:Acrylic and marker on canvas unstretched
Size:37.4 x 45.27 Inches
Release:December 16, 2022
Run of:1
Auth:This artwork is signed by Tebogo Moerane and includes an Original Artwork Letter of Provenance from 1xRUN.
Summer Selections from South Africa
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1XRUN worked closely with the curator to authenticate this artwork and to procure it directly from the artist in South Africa for online exhibition.

This artwork is sold "as-is" upon arrival to us from the artist. The condition of the work may vary slightly from the example shown. Subtle tears, marks, and obscured signatures should be expected. All sales are final.
ABOUT Tebogo Moerane:
My name is Tebogo Moerane, I was born on the 23 April 1997 in Soweto but I was raised in Vosloorus. I did not study art in school, I taught myself how to draw in grade 2, then I started making sketches from then on until I was in university. I graduated from Dawnview High School then I attended the Tshwane University of Technology, I was at Arts Campus and that’s where I studied Entertainment Technology. My course dealt with theatre backstage work so, lighting, sound, decor, props, make-up and costumes. I decided to specialize in decor and props, so that’s when I started painting.

In second year I was commissioned to make a portrait for Dr Kenneth Kaunda, my decor lecturer was the one who gave me the opportunity. After that a lecturer for sound had a gallery and asked me to make work so that he can display it, and that’s where my story started. I went into doing special effects make-up for 1 year and a half, which forced me to stop painting. Once I had graduated I wanted to talk about something that really meant a lot to me and something that I could grow with conceptually, and that is when I started laying down the groundwork for this style and message that I’m doing right. As I started taking this seriously, my cousin introduced me to Senzo, who then introduced me to Zanele, then she introduced me to Molefe and Thabo, who are mentoring me. Through them I got an opportunity to show at Mangrove as well as collaborate with the Chef at Mangrove to make a meal.
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Run of 1
Tebogo Moerane
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