Type:Silkscreen on 100lb French Paper
Size:16.5 x 19 Inches
Release:October 06, 2011
Run of:50
"Our world economy is crumbling all around us while filthy rich dickwads sit back toasting Kristal while buying insanely expensive hookers and doing massive amounts of cocaine. Yeah, so we're jealous. Big deal. At Wet House we always say, if you can't join 'em, beat 'em. So, put this print up on the wall in your expensive Manhattan loft style apartment and send a strong message to all your well-to-do friends.

We put this print on shirts to start with, and honest to god went in to Subway and got a free sandwich because they were happy we decided to say what everyone has been thinking for a while.

We were once told this was offensive by a rich guy, but we're pretty certain that statistically speaking, 99% of you will agree with us on this one: fuck rich people.

**We've already sent 40 off to wall street, and with the purchase of each print, we'll be shipping off two more shirts to the protesters on wall street."

– Wet House
ABOUT Wet House:
Wet House is a new project headed by Detroit backward thinkers Matt Abbott & Aaron Cummins. They throw after hours disco parties under the name Gary Springs Hunting Club, operate a print studio in one of the worst parts of Detroit, enduce renegade campaigns against things like squrrel rabies and intersteller planetary discrimination, run a popular music blog (, and routinely get girls to dump deer blood all over themselves at parties.

Operating out of the "Wet House" we are one of the first businesses in our west side Detroit neighborhood to offer services other than crack cocaine or $20 front seat blowjobs. We're offering custom screen printing to pretty much anyone and are trying to take a more artistic approach to it. We want to work through the design process with anyone from start to finish and specialize in textile design and printing but can print pretty much anything.

Check out our website for custom printing and design and shit we'll do whatever you want, even $20 front seat blowjobs if you have a pretty face.

Based in Detroit, Michigan, 1xRUN (one-time run) is the world's leading publisher of fine art editions and online destination for original art. With collectors more than 1,300 editions since 2010.
2905 Beaufait
Detroit, MI 48207

P / 313.744.6505
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