RUN #:01041zn
Type:Digital Print on Canvas in Black Wood Frame
Size:49.5 x 33.5 Inches Framed
Release:January 26, 2015
Run of:1

This RUN is ready to hang.

"Taken inside John K. King Books located in Downtown Detroit, 'Determined' represents a kind of innocence that we have when we are young. At a young age we have many dreams and goals that we want to obtain and those thoughts are not yet exposed to the real world. This child has many hopes and dreams, and the world at her fingertips to make them a reality." - Sal Rodriguez

Opening to the public Saturday, January 24th from 7-10pm, Inner State Gallery is proud to present “We Have A Dream” a group exhibition featuring more than 40 emerging Detroit artists, each paying homage to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s historical “I Have A Dream” speech.

Participating artists include: Allison Vince - Ashley McFadden - Ashley Marie - Ben Saginaw - Bethany Shorb - Brian Lacey - Corey Birdwell - Christopher Batten - Desiree Kelly - Dessislava Terzieva - Ellen Rutt - Eno Laget - Exactly Hi-Tops - James Noellert - Jason Reed - Jeremy Deputat - Jesse Kassel - Jon Parlangeli - Joshua Hanford - Julian Spradlin - Kobie Solomon - Kristin Adamczyk - Lamar Landers - Malt - Mark Sarmel - Michael Eugene Burdick - Michelle Tanguay - Mike Popso - Nick Jaskey - NNII - Paula Schubatis - Paula Zammit - Rashaun Rucker - Rick Williams - Robby Dimaria - Ron Zakrin - Ryan C. Doyle - Sal Rodriguez - Sheefy - Sleep - Sydney G. James - Tead - Tom Stoye - Tylonn J. Sawyer - & Zak Meers

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This original piece of artwork comes signed by Sal Rodriguez and with a Letter of Provenance from Inner State Gallery.

ABOUT Sal Rodriguez:
Born and raised in Detroit city. I have a passion for capturing my city, to tell a story through my lens. I am currently a photographer for WDIV Local 4, Detroit’s NBC news affiliate and a freelance photographer who shoots concerts, automotive events, parades, parties and life in general. I have a passion for documenting the worlds current graffiti, pop, and contemporary artists. I work with Inner State Gallery and Library Street Collective documenting shows, street art and artists lives.
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