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Drone Campaign #3

Run #00519
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TYPE:140 lb. French Muscletone Pure White Paper
SIZE:21 x 39 Inches 5-Color Screen Print on
RELEASE DATE:   Jul 25 2013
Edition Size 100
1 Available
About The Work
About The Artist
"For this piece I was inspired by the imagery from George Orwell’s, 1984, which I read in high school as most Americans do, and as most young Americans never imagined that world could exist, outside maybe under the rule of Hitler or Mussolini. Well… years later I feel like I live in that world. I wonder if it’s still required reading…

The project was originally intended to just consist of the two iPod inspired drone Public Service Announcements, but as I came closer to pulling the trigger on the project I decided that the conversation should be a bit broader. I designed this to not only include the same administrators of tyranny as the others but I wanted to illustrate that these policies almost always originate with the highest echelons of government and we as a whole march solidly in step with these decisions. Few people have questioned the “Ring of Steel” much less draw comparison to historic examples of similarly invasive programs and the effects they have had." - ESSAM

This RUN comes signed, numbered and with a Certificate of Authenticity from ESSAM & 1xRUN.

ESSAM is a New York based artist, born in New York and raised in Maine. He joined the US Army in 2003 where he served three years as a geospatial analyst. In 2006 ESSAM enrolled in the School of Visual Arts where he received a BFA in Photography. It was the military that informed his work as an artist were he now seeks to create conversations on both social and political issues. Over time ESSAM’s work became more experimental until in early 2012 he began working in the streets of New York. Over a 9-month period working stealthily by night he created his most notable work. ESSAM’s Drone campaign received national media attention and is largely responsible for raising awareness and bringing the dialogue on foreign and domestic UAV use to its current level. In November of 2012 ESSAM was arrested in his home by the NYPD for his artistic work on drones, his case is currently pending. ​

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