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Infinity Knot Theory
Run #00072
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TYPE:7 Color Screen Print on 140 lb French Paper
SIZE:18 x 24 Inches
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About The Work
About The Artist
Matt Moore, or MWM, is a master of geometric geniusness - in our books. To have him create a little somethin-somethin for 1xRUN, let alone this impressive seven color silkscreen print, is an honor. This is a brand new piece of Matt's, belonging to his self-titled sub-genre of Vectorfunk. Hey, we dig vectors - they're all shiny, scaleable, low file size - and funk is awesome, but what's Vectorfunk?

Vectorfunk is the name Matt Moore gives to the abstract digital artwork that he creates using Adobe Illustrator. Vector graphics are created by arranging points to create form, as opposed to raster graphics that are made up of pixels. Many years ago while Matt was in school learning graphic design, he immersed himself in this method of rendering images.

"The work that I do in this style is inspired by abstract geometry, optical illusions, and freeform composition," he explains. "Most of my Vectorfunk work celebrates vibrant colors and unique color combinations. My goal is always to grab the viewer and ask them to fall into the design, following a line through the piece, or trying to evaluate what is in front and what's behind." These colorful, abstract mazes of form and color have certainly captivated us!

Matt W. Moore is the founder of MWM Graphics, a Design and Illustration Studio based in Boston, Massachusetts. Matt works across disciplines, from colorful digital illustrations in his signature “Vectorfunk” style, to freeform canvas paintings, and massive murals.

He exhibits his artwork in galleries all around the world and collaborates with clients in all sectors. Matt is also Co-Founder & Designer for Glyph Cue Clothing. Surf through his site to learn more about Matt's History, Present, and Future.

As founder of MWM Graphics, Matt dubbed his digital abstract style early on in his career, and has since employed it to cover surfaces ranging from Ray-Ban Wayfarers to Almond Surfboards; an Apple Desktop, Coca-Cola’s London Olympics Campaign, and an entire issue of Wired Magazine. Whether working in fine art or commercial applications, Matt W. Moore finds that each sparks the other. Graphic design projects often inform the Monumental Murals he paints in city neighborhoods around the world. His annual series of Watercolor Paintings in black and white might inform future Logo Designs. Cross-pollinating between disciplines allows him to constantly refresh his perspective and produce unique work. Applying his vision to new surfaces or in collaboration with others always proves his credo.

Many of Matt’s most memorable projects have been at the intersection of art and design, and often involve substantial collaborative processes.These range from his own initiatives, such as his clothing line Glyph Cue and his home goods line Core Deco, to projects initiated by others, such as painted outdoor sculptures for Moscow’s Sretenka Design Week, robot-generated Sharpie marker drawings done with a  Modified CNC Machine, and curated projects such as murals at Art Basel Miami Beach or corridor-length wall paintings in Barcelona’s Vincci Hotel. Leaving himself open to the inspiration of new places, materials, and looming deadlines, for the majority of his projects with art galleries, he arrives to the venue empty-handed, creating the entire body of work as a residency on-site, whether in Paris, São Paulo, or Cincinnati, and always with accompanying outdoor murals and street paintings.

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