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Quetzal Woman (Pink)

TYPE:Silkscreen+Giclee Combo on 330gsm Archival Cotton Paper
SIZE:20.25 x 15.5 Inches
RELEASE DATE:   Sep 05 2011
RUN # 00080
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About The Work
About The Artist

Note about colors:

We are simultaneously releasing two color versions of this print. A total of 50 in black, and 20 in pink.

In the words of the artist:
"El Quetzal era bastante conocido por los Mayas, quienes en su idioma lo llamaban KUKUL. El nombre con que se le conoce proviene del nahua Quetzali que quiere decir "hermosa pluma", lo cual viene a ser sinónimo de bello o precioso."

Our translation:
"The Quetzal (bird) was well known by the Mayans, who in their own language called it KAKUL. The name that we know it by comes from Quetzali in the Nahuatl language, meaning "beautiful feather," which has now come to be synonymous with beautiful or precious."

Known internationally for his large murals and stencil work, Stinkfish commonly refers to photographs of local people that he takes in passing and later turns into stencils.

"Another source of my subjects is from photographs that I find lying on the street while walking, broken, bent, missing. I have a large collection of these photographs, some I find interesting for bringing to a wall." - Stinkfish

This is the first ever multi-method print on 1xRUN, and perfectly fitting for an artist like Stinkfish. In producing these, we created a set of giclee prints of an old magazine cover he found, to use as a base. Afterwards, his stencil design was screen printed on top of the giclee with a thick layer of special black, glossy ink. The high quality image looks truly vintage, and silkscreen effect of the mask stands well above the image, just as the stencils he is known for.

In more brief parlance: we think this is a really cool print.

Stinkfish was born in Mexico City, Mexico. Currently lives and works in Bogota (Colombia). Recognized internationally for his large, colorful murals, Stinkfish often works from photographs of local people that he takes at the street and later turns into stencils that will form part of the finished work mixed with freehand style. His work can be seen at Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Boliva, Guatemala, Spain, Germany, Uk, France, Holland, Austria and Nepal.
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