The Final Call

RUN #:01041m
Type:Multi-Colored Stencil with Hand Embellishments On Wood
Size:31 x 52 Inches
Release:January 26, 2015
Run of:1
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We Have A Dream
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This piece of original artwork is ready to hang.

"It’s always about making choices -- what to keep or discard as life unfolds – to survive.

The reference for this portrait is a photograph of Malcolm Little in 1946. Not yet 21-years-old, “Detroit Red,” as he was then known, was weeks away from being arrested and convicted to serve an eight-to-ten year sentence at Charlestown State Prison for larceny and breaking and entering.

Malcolm’s cool contempt for bourgeois status quo, white laws and courts seems to show in his face. Even so, this was the beginning of a spiritual journey. By the time he was released from prison on parole in 1953 “Detroit Red” had disengaged from a path of criminality to remake himself as Minister Malcolm X.

It is a study of his life of reinvention and the habits of mind he encouraged in his followers that caused me engage him as a subject. The choices he made, while standing on the fringes of our culture, challenged white America to think and talk differently about race.

Martin Luther King had a dream. Malcolm built a bridge to Muslims all over the world.

Somehow that seems ever so relevant today as we celebrate to legacy of speaking truth to power regardless of consequences.

On the morning of February 21, 1965 Malcolm received an anonymous message. The caller said, “Wake up, Brother,” and hung up. That afternoon El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcom X) was publicly executed inside Manhattan’s Audubon Ballroom for his actions and beliefs.

This “We Have A Dream” show closes on February 21, the 50th anniversary date of Malcolm’s murder." - Eno Laget

Opening to the public Saturday, January 24th from 7-10pm, Inner State Gallery is proud to present “We Have A Dream” a group exhibition featuring more than 40 emerging Detroit artists, each paying homage to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s historical “I Have A Dream” speech.

Participating artists include: Allison Vince - Ashley McFadden - Ashley Marie - Ben Saginaw - Bethany Shorb - Brian Lacey - Corey Birdwell - Christopher Batten - Desiree Kelly - Dessislava Terzieva - Ellen Rutt - Eno Laget - Exactly Hi-Tops - James Noellert - Jason Reed - Jeremy Deputat - Jesse Kassel - Jon Parlangeli - Joshua Hanford - Julian Spradlin - Kobie Solomon - Kristin Adamczyk - Lamar Landers - Malt - Mark Sarmel - Michael Eugene Burdick - Michelle Tanguay - Mike Popso - Nick Jaskey - NNII - Paula Schubatis - Paula Zammit - Rashaun Rucker - Rick Williams - Robby Dimaria - Ron Zakrin - Ryan C. Doyle - Sal Rodriguez - Sheefy - Sleep - Sydney G. James - Tead - Tom Stoye - Tylonn J. Sawyer - & Zak Meers

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This original piece of artwork comes signed by Eno Laget and with an Original Artwork Letter of Provenance from Inner State Gallery.

ABOUT Eno Laget:
Eno Laget is an artist living and working in Detroit, Michigan.

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