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Unity Of The Mind

Framing: NONE
Print Only*
1 Available
TYPE:Archival Pigment Print on 330gsm Fine Art Paper
SIZE:16 x 20 Inches
RELEASE DATE:   Nov 08 2012
RUN # 00356U
About The Work
About The Artist

The framing option for this RUN includes a 1" Black Frame with UV glass, foam core backing and ready to hang hardware.

"These paintings are centered on the idea that the mind and body are separate things. In the west there has been a traditional boundary between the physical and the mental. This division is seen in Christianity as the separation of body and spirit and has profound implications for how we perceive the self and the world. The body is seen as shameful and Nature is fallen from grace while the mind or spirit exists in a state of potential purity and perfection. In philosophy Descartes famously defended the idea of dualism. I wanted to examine these ideas and show how badly they have affected our culture, influencing everything from legal decisions about responsibility, the destruction of the environment, to our very concept of identity. I also intend this show to be a critique of technology and its deteriorating effects on the notion of self." - Adam Caldwell

This RUN comes signed, numbered and with a Certificate of Authenticity from Adam Caldwell and 1xRUN.

Adam Calwell's paintings and drawings juxtapose elements of abstract expressionism and classical figuration. During his training at the California College of Arts and Crafts, he began to create collage drawings that layered disparate images on top of one another; he now uses oil paint in a similar way, starting with an abstract background and then adding more photorealistic details, allowing the work to dictate its own construction. The resulting palimpsest of figures and abstract shapes represents the conflicted and paradoxical emotions that underlie his work. Adam's paintings evoke the tensions between mind and body, self and other, present and past. They also raise questions about the nature of identity, particularly concerning issues of gender and sexuality. He is deeply concerned about the world around him, and his work reflects his reactions to social issues such as war and consumerism by contrasting images from American advertisements and popular culture with images of rituals from around the world.

The eclectic nature of Adam's work reflects my wide range of interests and influences. His figurative painting and drawing has been influenced by the realistic yet expressive work of Odd Nerdrum, Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, Antonio López García, Jenny Saville, and Barron Storey, whom he studied under at CCAC. He is inspired by his grandfather, author Erskine Caldwell, and his commitment to representing the unseen and marginalized members of our society. Adam is also heavily influenced by music, movies, and comics, all of which have shaped his identity. He is an accomplished guitarist and martial artist, and these disciplines also inform his artistic perspective.

One of Adam's most important areas of inspiration is the community of artists he surrounds himself with. Painting in particular can be a very lonely and isolating practice, so he makes a point to attend drawing groups as well as share studio space with David Choong Lee. Although the process can be solitary, Adam paints to commune with others and allow them entrance into his interiority.

"Painting connects me to my world and times and culture. I always hope to create work that will invoke in someone else the feelings I have had before great art." - Adam Caldwell
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