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Original Available 1
This product is archived in our warehouse. It is not currently on sale, but could come back.
TYPE:Acrylic on Canvas Gallery Wrap
SIZE:23.5 x 23.5 Inches
RUN # 00541-BB09
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About The Work
About The Artist

This piece comes on a cradled wood gallery wrap and is ready to hang.

"This painting is part of the same theme of my screen print "The Future Is Now" . It is a bit more of a friendly take, the universe has created this alternate world where time doesn't matter, fear doesn't matter. These paintings are about freedom and happiness. It's a society of limitless possibilities where you're able to forget all the bullshit that is happening around us. A bit of an escape reality." - Dxtr

Hailing from throughout Germany and Austria, we are excited to welcome the collective internationally known as The Weird to 1xRUN as they join us for their Detroit group show! Each member of the international mural and illustration collective -- CONE, DXTR, FRAU ISA, HRVB, LOW BROS, NYCHOS, LOOK, VIDAM and ROOKIE -- focus their work on high quality character design created in unique yet recognizable styles. In addition to street art and graffiti murals, they work as gallery artists, professors, graphic designers, illustrators and lecturers throughout Europe.

This piece of original artwork comes signed by DXTR and includes an Original Artwork Letter of Provenance from Inner State Gallery.

The Weird is a crew of artists spread all over Germany and Austria, founded in 2011. The ten members come from a graffiti background and focus on high quality character design in unique recognizable styles. They work as artists, graphic designers, illustrators and lecturers. Each one a serious heavyweight styler, they prefer a maverick illustrative way of designing, no matter if the (art)work is private or a commissioned.

Some work in their own/self founded design bureaus, some on their own as freelancers. Each has been engaged (regularly and in projects) by international companies, public institutes and all sorts of other interesting customers. Besides that, every member appeared on jams, live-paintings, national and international art fairs and exhibitions during their many years’ careers as graffiti painters (although this label might not really fit). Two members are also professional DJs and music producers (Cone and Vidam).

A collective of character painters of this aptitude is quite rare, even in the graffiti world. From the very first group production on, the different artists and their styles combined perfectly. Working together in a group that big is not as easy as it may sound. Everyone with experience in the creative field knows how hard finding matching styles can be. Especially when trying to merge them in one artwork. That, and the friendship among all Weirdos gives a perfect base for a pretty special artist collective.

Being spread out all over Germany and Austria makes it hard to get the whole line-up together in one place at the same time. But each time they managed it, they dropped great walls, finding a lot of enthusiasm among their viewers / witnesses. All ages, from kids to pensioners, stopped and kept watching them painting, coming back and taking photos. And most excited about what The Weird will create are the artists themselves.

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