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TYPE:Hand Painted Mixed Media Paint Can
SIZE:6 1/2 x 7 5/8
RELEASE DATE:   Feb 14 2012
RUN # 00171D
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About The Work
About The Artist
"This piece was first done in 2003!!!! But last fall (2011) I tweaked the can and gave it new life. This was one of the very first paint cans that I ever painted, it may very well be THE first. It has a block print of a monkey on the reverse side that is from 2002. I didn't want to change it much, but I had to touch it up a bit as it got kicked around for a decade. It was in the basement at C-Pop for 5 years, then I picked it up when they were cleaning out the building. So when I touched it up, I added that cats seen on the piece. Back in 2003 I was the poster child for starving artists the world over. I was so goddam poor I couldn't afford materials, so I would take what I could find from my surroundings. Living in the city, you don't find any good stuff in the trash. People don't throw anything good away there, like they do in the burbs. So I had to turn to what I had lying around, and the paint can as canvas was born. I always believed that limitations provide the most fertile soil for innovation, and I still do. Everything I do today has roots that were born out of necessity, and the paint cans are no exception." - Ron Zakrin

Each one of these cans are completely unique and are all 100% hand painted. Check out all the cans :
Under The Milky Way
Don't Fear The Reaper
"I was born at Hutzel Hospital in Detroit. As a kid I wanted to become either an artist, an astronaut, or a master of Kung Fu, roaming the world and using my swift fury to thwart the rising tide of evil. I became an artist as a young man and never looked back." - Ron Zakrin

Ron Zakrin has been an ever present creative force in Detroit since the mid nineties, when he emerged on to the underground electronic music set with paintings that provided a visual counterpart to the Detroit sound that was taking the world by storm. Since those early days Ron's work has expanded in scope and scale; no longer strictly focused on man and his relationship with technology, Zakrin probes the veins of society, and explores the nature of man, love, and loss. Zakrin lives in Detroit Michigan, where he was born and works daily.

In parallel to his visual art, Zakrin is also a recording artist under the name Goudron. First appearing on the on the legendary Detroit label Ersatz Audio in 2002 with the EP "Horses and Chariots", and an EP and LP in 2004, "Civil Symmetry" and "Raw Voltage", Zakrin moved to the equally influential Interdimensional Transmissions label after the Ersatz label closed shop. 2007 marked the beginning of this new partnership with the release of the EP "Stiletto", with more projects in the pipeline.

Zakrin puts his modified circuitry to work along with vintage analog synthesizers to produce a musical journey through the post apocalypse, gliding seamlessly from electropunk anthems at home both on the dancefloor and behind the wheel, to a more introspective and melodic reflection of life, love, and loss.

Having toured throughout North America and performing for enthusiastic crowds on both sides of the border, Goudron has a respectable following in the electronic music audience both in North America and Europe.

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